How It Works

Just-in-Time Inventory

PV Express® offers simple-to-use vending solutions programmed with robust reporting capabilities. Managers can budget spending limits by employee, by job, or by cost code. Spend reports can be generated automatically and emailed daily, weekly, or monthly — providing you with complete control and accountability at your fingertips.

  • Save time — The supplies you need every day are onsite, when you need them.
  • Save money — Pay only for what you use and better estimate project consumable costs.

It’s like having a store on site

Your authorized contractors simply dispense the materials they need. Our PV Express team is notified electronically and quickly dispatched to replenish stock.

On location

Vending machines can be customized for any application: facilities management, construction sites, universities, apartment complexes, and manufacturing facilities.

Our Process

Learn how we can help you eliminate overspend and position your team for more productivity today.